Vein Treatments

Laser vein treatments use intense bursts of light to heat and destroy unsightly veins on your face and body, such as “spider veins” and capillaries of the face.

How does laser vein treatment work?
The wavelength of light from the laser targets the pigment in the blood and vessel walls, causing them to coagulate and shrink, while the surrounding skin and tissues are unharmed.

How many vein treatments will I need?
You may need two to four treatments to meet your goal.* These treatments will be required at regular intervals.

What results can I expect from vein treatments?
The veins will gradually become less visible. Don’t worry if some appear darker and more visible immediately after treatment. Over the next two to six weeks, they will usually fade.*

What is recovery like?
You may experience minor bruising immediately after the treatment, but it usually improves within the week. In some rare cases side effects include discolored skin, which disappears within a month or two.*