Advanced Skin Care

When you visit Laser and Cosmetic Associates of Boulder we’ll introduce you to some truly revolutionary skin care treatments. Not all facial rejuvenation involves surgery and our patients are happy to discover that they can often get fast results with some of the less invasive methods.

We’re glad to highlight a few of these products and services here. Let us know if you need help deciding on the right facial skin care treatment for you.

Top-of-the-line skincare products and chemical peels are important components of the comprehensive treatment that we use to enhance your skin and appearance.

SkinMedica Peels
In 20 minutes, SkinMedica’s chemical peels can rejuvenate skin that has suffered from the effects of time, sun damage and other assaults. A combination of safe but effective chemicals can help you achieve dramatic improvement in skin texture and tone, while decreasing thin lines. Chemical peels can also be used for maintenance to prolong the positive effects of Laser Therapies.  we offer three varying strengths of peels to help you achieve the precise result you desire.

Skin Medica Products
We carry a full line of products from SkinMedica, an innovative line of therapies that improve age-related and other dermatologic conditions to improve your skin’s health and appearance.