Skin Analysis

Our initial facial consultation with patients employs skin analysis technology, which studies 10 different aspects of aging, discoloration, sun damage and acne issues. This highly advanced Clarity Pro facial scanning system not only points out areas that would benefit from treatment, but it can quantifiably measure the improvement to your skin after treatments. Now that’s something you just can’t get by looking in the mirror.

What can skin analysis do for me?
  • Help your physician or aesthetician to recommend treatments and products to improve your skin
  • Classify your skin according to degree of redness, brown discoloration, moisture content, elasticity and sebum (facial oil—i.e. acne)
  • Provide early detection of skin conditions, such as sun damage, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, unhealthy pores, acne and inflammation
  • Quantify the number and severity of your facial wrinkles

What is the procedure/device like?
  • Roughly the size of a television set, the Clarity Pro scanner has a large oval cavity for taking photographs of the patient’s face.
  • After taking a white light and UV image of the patient’s face, the image is entered into a software program that can recognize damaged areas and calculate skin characteristics, such as UV damage, pore health and wrinkle classification.
  • If you’ve been scanned on earlier treatments, the software can also perform statistical comparisons and analyses to track the change in your appearance over time.