Providing a long-lasting, youthful appearance by plumping soft tissues and smoothing skin folds
What is Radiesse and how does it work?

Radiesse can give you a long-lasting youthful appearance by adding volume to soft tissues and filling in skin folds and wrinkles. This injectable filler contains tiny microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring component of bones, which are suspended in a water-based gel. Immediately upon injection, Radiesse acts as a filler, diminishing the signs of age for a supple, natural look. Although your body will gradually absorb the gel carrier, the results will continue, as the microspheres stimulate collagen growth around the injection site. Radiesse is made of synthetic material and contains no actual live ingredients, and therefore has virtually no risk of allergic or other inflammatory reaction.

How can Radiesse improve my appearance?
Radiesse can immediately add more volume to your nasolabial folds (the lines between the nose and corners of the mouth), marionette lines (downward lines from the corners of the mouth), forehead creases, eyes and cheeks. Because Radiesse is slightly thicker than other fillers, it is not ideally suited for use in the lips.

How long until I need another injection?
As long as one or two years.

Tell me about any side effects.
You may experience mild irritation, swelling, itching, discoloration/bruising or tenderness at the injection site, but these effects should subside within a few days. You will be able to return immediately to your normal activities, but you should avoid any facial massage or pressure on the injected areas for at least one week.