Non-Surgical Facial Skin Care Treatments

Botox and Dermal Fillers

For patients who want nearly instantaneous skin rejuvenation with no down-time and hardly any side effects, injections of Botox and various dermal fillers, Juvederm, Radiesse and Microneedling are often the answer.

At Laser and Cosmetic Associates of Boulder, we offer several injectable facial treatments that—either alone or in combination with plastic surgery or other treatment types—can soften wrinkles and expression lines and make your face more soft and contoured. We’ll work to understand your goals, consult with you on your facial rejuvenation options, and execute a treatment plan to help you realize a more youthful and natural appearance.

Take a moment and find out more about what we offer to help you regain youthful, supple looking skin. We offer the following injections:

  • Botox—A purified protein that relaxes targeted facial muscles responsible for expression lines, such as crow’s feet and vertical folds between the eyes. Learn more here.
  • Juvederm—A dermal filler that adds volume and elasticity to your skin and smooths away wrinkles. Learn more here.
  • Radiesse—A long-lasting dermal filler that gives a youthful appearance by augmenting soft tissues and smoothing skin folds and wrinkles. Learn more here

We know that all of this information can be confusing and that is why we at Laser and Cosmetic Associates of Boulder are here to answer your questions.  Give us a call and let's talk about your facial rejuvenation goals.