BBL/Fotofacial, one of the newest facial rejuvenation technologies, offers a less invasive alternative to laser skin resurfacing for removing signs of sun damage and aging, with no down-time and an easy recovery. Using a broad band of laser light, this breakthrough treatment can remove age spots, rosacea, flushed skin, sun damage, acne and decrease wrinkles anywhere on the face or body.

How does Fotofacial work?
This treatment uses intense pulsed, broad band laser light (known as IPL or BBL) to deliver energy deep into the skin, where it removes the cells that produce brown discoloration, diminishes the tiny blood vessels that cause redness, and reduces the oily secretions that produce acne, while stimulating the production of collagen. As the patient’s skin heals after treatment, it will have reduced redness, age/sun spots, facial capillaries, acne and other blemishes, while the texture will appear smoother and softer with some mild skin tightening.

Unlike laser resurfacing, the procedure is non-ablative, meaning that it doesn’t damage the surface of your skin, so there is essentially no down-time.

How many Fotofacial treatments will I need?
Patients often require four to six sessions, scheduled at intervals of three to six weeks, to enjoy significant improvement.

What results can I expect from the Fotofacial treatments?
Your results will improve with each treatment. You will enjoy smoother skin, smaller pores and a more even complexion. Broken blood vessels, redness and dark areas will begin to fade away. Your skin will feel tighter and have greater vibrancy.

What is recovery like?
There is little post-treatment discomfort, and you should be able to return to normal activities immediately. You may experience mild redness for the first day or two. The brown spots of the skin will darken after the procedure, as they migrate to the surface before “flaking off” about two weeks after treatment. Recovery is improved and will be faster with an appropriate home skin care regimen.

Because of the way the BBL/Fotofacial targets its energy into the skin, it is crucial that the treated area of skin be kept away from any sun exposure for two weeks prior to and after treatment.