Removing signs of aging by relaxing the facial muscles responsible for expression lines, such as crow’s feet.
What is Botox and how does it work?

Botox is a purified protein that disrupts the nerve impulses that cause muscles to contract. When Botox is injected into the tiny facial muscles that are responsible for expression lines, those muscles become relaxed, causing deep skin creases to smooth out over time.

For example, to treat the furrowed vertical frown lines between the eyebrows in the forehead, Botox is injected into the muscle that produces these lines, causing a relaxation of the muscle and subsequent gradual improvement in the wrinkles.

How can Botox improve my appearance?
Botox can smooth away wrinkles that develop as we age. These include “crow’s feet” near the eyes, vertical frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead creases, and “bunny lines” that form on the sides of the nose. Botox can also reduce vertical bands on the neck. The results of these injections are typically evident in five to seven days.

While Botox gives the skin a smoother appearance, it may not completely eliminate deep folds and wrinkles. In those cases, it may be combined with a dermal filler, like Radiesse or Juvederm for the best overall results.

Botox may also be combined with other procedures, such as a Brow Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Facelift and Laser Therapies.

How long do the results last?
Four months, on average.

Are there any side effects?
Discomfort is rare. If you do experience pain, it will be minimal and short-lived and can be treated with anesthetic creams or cooling devices. On occasion, bruising may occur at an injection site. In uncommon cases, an injection will spread beyond the intended muscle, causing a drooping of the effected area. Getting Botox injections from an experienced physician who understands facial anatomy, like Dr. Goldman or Dr. Morrissey, will reduce your chances of this side effect.

In all cases, you should avoid rubbing the injection sites to prevent the Botox from spreading to other facial muscles.

For Best Results we recommend following up with Drs. Goldman or Morrissey one to two weeks post-injection to ensure that the Botox has successfully treated the muscles and that you have the best possible results.